Re-parenting is simply the process by which we replace strongholds of thought processes in our minds built by our early influencers – parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, etc.  As children we lacked the brain development to sift through the messages, spoken and unspoken, which shaped our thinking and later became subconscious habit patterns of thought which then led to patterns of behavior based upon our emotions and needs, not necessarily on truth.  We could not separate ourselves from those messages and look at them objectively, analyze them for truth, discard the deception and embrace the truth.  Instead, we embraced with childlike faith the notion that our parents are right no matter what they say or do.  And because children are egocentric by creation, everything revolves around them.

If Mommy or Daddy have a bad day and are angry, the child doesn’t look at them and say to himself, “Mommy and Daddy have had a bad day.” They say to themselves something like, “I was a bad boy or girl and that’s why Mommy and Daddy are angry.”  If mom and dad give us little time or attention, we assume that we are not worthy of their attention, instead of looking for other causes outside of ourselves.  These conclusions we draw are not necessarily based on truth, but because they feel true, we assume they are and a stronghold of deception is built.

Only by challenging these strongholds of false belief – these false belief systems – with new thoughts and beliefs based on Truth, can we pull them down and rebuild.

This is one of the beautiful things about American Christian Parenting.  It affords us the opportunity to re-parent ourselves as we parent our children.  As we seek to give to them their heritage of the amazing things God has done in America as a nation, and in the lives of individuals who discovered and built America, we are restoring it to ourselves. As we nurture them with wonderful experiences of reading aloud and discussing the magnificent exploits of our Founders, we are experiencing them ourselves.  As we engage in faithful parenting, we are also replacing strongholds of false beliefs with truth that feeds our souls.  What should have been our mental and emotional food as children becomes the nourishment of the soul that displaces and destroys falsehood and deception and replaces and restores with Truth!

As we dig for the hidden treasure of what God gave us in our nation’s History, and restore our covenant with God to be faithful stewards of the treasure He gave us, protecting and preserving it for our posterity – His children – we find the miraculous transformation of our own hearts and minds as an added blessing.

Thus we re-parent ourselves as we parent our children – has to be the best two-for-one bargain ever!!!

There’s no time like the present to restore and enjoy a happy, meaningful childhood!

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