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April 23, 2013


American Christian Parenting is more than parenting with a purpose.  It is more than parenting with intention.  It is more than strategic parenting. More that parenting tips and resources . . .  It is all of those things, and so much more!

Re-stated, American Christian Parenting is the act of parenting which is of or pertaining to Christ in America.  So, what does that have to do with the nitty-gritty of being a parent and raising children in these troubling times?  In a word, EVERYTHING!

It has everything to do with the down-to-earth, day-in-day-out success or failure as a parent in today’s culture.  It means the difference between raising a child who has strong Christian character, a sense of personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, able to relate healthfully to others including his spouse and children, with a firm belief in God, and a sense of purpose for his life; or raising a child who has weak character, believes he is entitled to have whatever he wants just because he wants it, is under-educated, over-indulged, without purpose, and unable to relate to others including himself, his spouse, children, or employer, and is, therefore an easy target for others to use to achieve their ends and purposes.

An immense responsibility rests upon the shoulders of parents carrying out their duty in an American Christian Republic – for that is what America is.  Because true American History documents the Hand of God in the discovery, founding, and forming of America, we as American Christian parents are responsible for the stewardship of the knowledge of what God has done.  That includes preserving, protecting and passing on the legacy of our heritage.

In the book of Hosea, the prophet of God makes a direct correlation between having the knowledge of God in the land and His protection and/or rejection of their children.  I believe the same is true in America today.  God’s covenant promises are for those who meet the covenant conditions, while His tender mercy is extended according to His sovereign will.

The educational goal of the American Christian Home in a Republic is to build the foundation of America’s Christian Character.  There is no single element in America which contributes more significantly to the success of Christian Constitutional government.  Other institutions — Church, school, community – cannot substitute what only the home can provide.

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