The recent outpouring of gifts of money for the little Christian Pizzeria in Indiana, totaling at this point $520,000, reminds me of the Spirit of the American Colonists when England chose to close the port of Boston in retribution for their Constitutional act of resistance during the Tea Party. England chose Boston to punish, thinking that the other colonies would not intervene or even care!

Little did they know the Spirit of America and the Spirit of Christianity are inseparable. The other colonies met together and began sending supplies to Boston: grains, livestock, provisions, wood, and money. This was all done voluntarily and by individuals. The public assemblies and colonial governments individually called for prayer and fasting, and the other ports refused to profit from their situation, declaring they would not open their ports, nor trade with England until Boston Port was opened again. And they encouraged one another with these words:

“Stand firm, and let your intrepid courage show to the world that you are Christians.”

May we American Christians unite also around the noble cause of Religious Liberty and States’ Rights. May we use every legal means of redress and may we also ” stand firm and let our intrepid courage show to the world we are Christians.”

I am proud of the men and women who have given of their funds to help a business owner whose life and livelihood have been threatened simply because he stood firm on Christian Principles and the expression of his Christian faith.  There were even contributors who professed to be gay and declared openly that the way these people had been treated was unfair, unjust, and grossly intolerant.


Parents, don’t hesitate to use current events to teach your children about their American History, about morality in social affairs, about courage, Christian faithfulness, and that convictions about right and wrong are worth standing for, even at the risk of great personal loss.  This incident also shows that when one takes a stand for righteousness, it inspires, encourages, and motivates others to stand likewise.  The Spirit of Unity upon righteousness is a Christian principle.

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