Our Staff is diligently working to bring you Resources that will help you learn, teach, and parent your children and others.  What a privilege to serve you and advance the cause of Christian Character Building in America!


Some of our current projects include:

1. Outstanding Books, Bibles and Devotionals that are accurate to our American Christian History created from original source documentation.

“The Five Thousand Year Leap” 28 Great Ideas that changed the World – President Reagan wanted this book in every high school in America – 30th Anniversary Edition Collector’s Item

“The Founder’s Bible” How our Founding Father’s Reasoned Biblically – Extraordinary Bible!!

“In God We Still Trust” Beautiful Devotional about what God has done in America… Inspiring!

2. Books and Reading Lists for children that are extraordinary in teaching and building Character.  Many are award-winning Books for literature and illustration.

2. Video and DVD Resources that help to illustrate and depict our American Christian History and what it really means, all in excellence.

Monumental DVD – Amazing, vivid documentary, historically accurate… You’ll learn things you never knew, and the Liberty Matrix will touch you deeply!

3. Online Classes to teach topics that Build Character in our children, guide you in how to teach and parent your children, and tie it all together for a wonderful, family learning experience.


Speaking, Workshops and Consulting

Tricia Smith is a Master Teacher in American Christian History.  This means she teaches other teachers and writes materials for this purpose.  She has participated in Textbook Review Panels at the State Level and has co-founded a private school.  Her passion is to restore the Knowledge of God in our American Christian Families from the standpoint of what He has done in establishing America, and what we stand for.  She is a speaker on the subject and leads workshops for conferences, study groups, churches, citizen groups, parents and teachers as well as radio and television appearances. CONTACT us for more information and to discuss your needs and ideas.

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