Heal our Land

April 28, 2013

Our Prayers

“Father, I come before You, trusting in Your promise given to Your people in 2 Chronicles 7:14, confessing my sins and the sins of my fathers before me.  We have sinned against you in our generations.  We have forsaken Your ways.  We have turned away from the good way You gave our forefathers in America.  We have perverted justice.  We have been unfaithful in our marriages and as parents over Your heritage.  We have slaughtered innocent babies.  We have sacrificed them upon the altar of convenience and ease.  And we have silently stood by and allowed ungodly men and women to be put into places of leadership in our land.  We have chosen personal ease over faithfulness to You in this land.  We have been unfaithful stewards over the treasure that America is.  We deserve Your judgments.  We humbly ask for your mercy.

You called America to be a city set on a hill, a light to all nations.  We were brought forth for YOUR GLORY AND HONOR AND THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH.  Our light has become dim and we have not salted the nations.  Our memorials have become polluted by those who do not know You or acknowledge You.  We, Your people, have allowed You to be pushed from Your rightful place as God and King over America and have tolerated every evil and sinful thing.  We have forgotten You.  We have forgotten that we are Your people, called by Your name.  Dear God, hear our prayer and forgive our sins.

Father, You have a remnant in America who love You, who seek Your face and who desire to walk in Your ways.  For the sake of Your servants who gave their lives for the establishment of this “one nation under God” – for their sake and for the sake of Your Great Name, we, Your servants, ask You to hear our prayer, forgive our sin and heal our land for Your own glory and honor and the advancement of the Christian faith.  In Jesus’ name we pray . . . Amen.”

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